Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why I Work By Referrals

This week, I'd like to share a story with you. It is the story of Grant and Cindy Crowson. Their story about living on a boat in Florida and finding a home in Nova Scotia. A story of...well, a day in the life of a real estate agent. Here is their testimonial...
In late 2018 I (Grant) was offered a position in Dartmouth. At the time we were alternating between Ontario in the summer and Florida (on a boat) in the winter. After much discussion, my wife and I decided that this would be a fantastic opportunity. We decided that a condominium would best suit our needs. But, we were living in Florida at that time and we felt this whole process was going be very complicated. We contacted a friend, who contacted a friend, who recommended Mary-Lou. From the outset we couldn’t have been in better hands. She was professional, courteous and very accommodating. Mary-Lou stepped up. She set up a link to our own page where she placed potential condos that fit our criteria. She was available when we called her and if not, she got back to us as soon as she could. We selected a condo. Being in Florida, she walked us through via Facebook messenger. She showed the condo, the building and storage area. All the while, making valuable comments and suggestions. We decided to buy the unit but the agreement was dependent on closing in three weeks. was through the Christmas season. Mary-Lou coordinated the offers and counter offers. These were all done through electronic signing. The legal documents were complete via e-mail and the closing inspection. The entire sale went off without a hitch in a very short time frame. I cannot say enough great things about our experience with Mary-Lou. We were over-joyed with the results. The condo was more than we had expected. What a great feeling. Moving to a new province knowing that you have a place to call home in such a welcoming community!! Thank you so much Mary-Lou.

It was a pleasure working with Grant and Cindy. Knowing their restraint, I did the best I could to get them a home and it was a smooth transaction.  Being a real estate agent is more than selling and buying homes. It is the relationships I make along the way. Cindy and Grant are moved in and settled now and have had me and my husband over for dinner.  Our business acquaintance has turned into a lasting friendship which I value most in my line of work.  They know I am here for them to help them with any of their needs. Weather it is a mechanic, notary republic, or the best Chinese food in town. I am their go to...and that is why I work by referrals.

Thanks for reading. Until next time,
Keep It "REAL"