Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Demand and Supply: REAL ESTATE

I'm sure you have often heard the following terms...Buyers Market & Sellers Market, but do you know what the difference is?

The property market is determined by supply and demand of real estate, which then dictates whether it is currently a Buyers market or if it is a Sellers market. Experiencing a Buyers market simply means there are more homes for sale than there are buyers.

A Seller's market is just the opposite. A Seller's market is when there are more Buyers looking for homes than actual homes for sale. Homes listed during a Sellers market will often be sold faster than average and possibly for a higher selling price. Here's a quick break down between the two...

Here at Re/Max we keep track of our monthly stats. Everything from how many homes sold since January 1 (of this year), the average listing price, the average days on market, and so much more. If you like to view stats, I have attached the Re/Max stats to date for your convenience so you can see for yourself.

I'm only a phone call or an email away if you have any questions regarding real estate or the stats you see above. I'd be happy to speak to you regarding this or any other real estate needs and/or questions you may have. I hope you found this helpful.

Thanks for reading and until next time... Keep It "REAL"

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