Thursday, April 18, 2019

Moving Out Through A Divorce

Today's post is one that seems to be all too common today. I will be talking about moving when you're going through a divorce.

Moving on a good day can be a hard and stressful process. Moving when going through divorce; well, that's adds emotions to the mix. For some, separating comes with many memories. Some are beautiful and some, not so much. Either way, packing up what was once your life with your partner can be emotional. Be gentle with yourself, it won't be easy.

I have put together some tips to help make the move a little easier and smoother during this time.

See A Lawyer
Make sure you know your legal rights. Go see a lawyer and make sure you know who gets what before you begin packing everything up.

Plan ahead
If you still need to divide up belongings in the home, keep your things separate from your partners. Label your things with stickers or post-it notes. Book movers or friends to help with your move. Book a storage unit if need be and call your utility companies and change your information. This way, everything will finished and you won't need to worry about them on moving day. Next, stop by the post office and have your mail forwarded to your new place.

Don’t do it alone
There is no need to do it all on your own. Call a close friend or a reliable neighbour to help you not only with the move, but if you need a shoulder to lean on.

Selling Your Home?
If you are selling your home, do everything you can to get the best possible price. Research the best real estate professional that suits you. One who may also be a professional stager to help with this process. You want to make sure you are on the right track before you allow potential buyers into your home.

Stay Organized
Put things aside you may need sooner rather than later once you move. Collect school and medical records, house information, and insurance paperwork. Put them in a manila envelope and put them in a box with other essentials you will need. For example, phone charger, medications, toiletries, an extra set of clothes. In another box, pack up cleaning supplies, toilet paper, garbage bags, light bulbs, and tools. Some dish soap, paper town, rags, and paper plates and plastic utensils. Most people don't get everything unpacked on the first day. This way you will have things to eat with, clean with and a fresh change of clothes.

Be Frugal
Packing material can be costly. If you are trying to save money use reliable garbage bags to pack clothes, bedding, towels. Visit your local grocery store and ask if they have any extra boxes you can have. Use those to pack up food items and cleaning supplies. You can also use laundry baskets to move items from your old home to your new one. Wrap glassware/dishes in towels and bedding so they don't get broken in transit.

Keep It Simple
For clothing, leave anything in your closet on hangers. Quick and easy way to move clothing is to organize items. Dresses in one pile, shirts in get the idea. Secure the hangers together and put a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag. Put the bag over the hangers, and voila, you have your own makeshift garment bag.

Label Boxes
Once you decide what is going with you and what isn't. Label your boxes. It is easier to pack per room and label the box as you go. This way when you go to unpack, you know all your items from your bedroom, are in the labeled box "Bedroom".

Moving Day Plan
Have a plan for moving day. Make sure anyone who is helping you move knows what time to meet and where. If you have a few people helping, delegate jobs.
Once you're at your new home, plan to bring the larger furniture first. Place those items where they will more than like stay. Couch, beds, dressers...those kinds of things. If you get the big items out of the way, you won't be tripping over things throughout the day trying to organize.

Home Sweet Home
Make your new home your own. Fill it with things you love that you didn't have in your previous home. It will be more comfortable and easier to help you move on.

Thanks for reading. Until next time... Keep It "REAL"

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