Monday, April 29, 2019

Spring is FINALLY here!

Spring is finally here, which means...Summer is just around the corner! Now that we have the house freshened up (, it's time to think of ways you can show it off! It's almost time for BBQ's, bonfire's and backyard parties...and here, is how we plan it.

  1. Holiday weekends are great, but keep in mind, guests might already be going to another party, so send invites early!
  2. Consider posting a poll on social media to find a date that works best for your friends
  1. Send invitations via social media, email or mail.
  2. Will you keep it small or go all out?
  3. Confirm attendance with guests a few weeks before to determine the amount of food and drinks you'll need.

Determine what food you'll serve and how you'll prepare it. Choose one or a combination of these options:
  1. Cook your own
  2. Host a potluck
  3. Hire a caterer
  1. Make sure the patio or party space is refreshed!
  2. Update or polish up old furniture
  3. Consider adding fun amenities like string lights or a fire pit

Try these fun party activities for kids (and adults) of all ages:
  1. Frisbee toss
  2. Volleyball
  3. Water balloons
  4. Hula Hoops
  5. Scavenger Hunt
Really, with planning a backyard party, the possibilities are endless for the amount of fun you could have.

Thanks for reading. Until next time...Keep it "REAL"

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